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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gadgets & the Rainforest

Today we had two fun science connections. 3rd graders from Stewart Elementary, Lakeshore, connected to COSI Columbus for the Gadget Works program. This videoconference is one of the best available out there! Students learn all about simple machines, take apart gadgets such as the happy crab and chattering teeth, and watch the BellPopper machine at COSI. The kids sure enjoyed the program and they thoroughly learned all about simple machines. Great program! Worth the expense!

In addition, we had 7th graders from Coloma Middle School connect to the Buffalo Zoo for The Rainforest Experience. Students learned about the layers of the rainforest and saw video clips and live animals - including a python! The python was quite energetic and wiggly. Rebecca, the presenter, put him on the document camera to show his scales, etc. He kept trying to crawl off.

So it was science day in VC land here in southwest Michigan today.... tomorrow is social studies day. Check back again to see where we're going next!


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