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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

High School Writing

A few of my local high school writing teachers have asked me about videoconference options lately. So here's a list of options.

Writing/Author Related Content Provider Programs
Related to that, here are a few literature based high school level programs:
Classroom to Classroom Connections
Another option is to consider having your class connect to another class for a celebration of writing. Some ideas include:
  • A poetry fest/poetry jam/coffee house event where students share poetry. This could be done point-to-point with another class, or multipoint and over a lunch period.
  • A story starter session. Classes could present to each other a visual story starter: a picture, a still life pose, a skit or other visual. After sharing the story starters via videoconference, students could write stories and share them for feedback via email, a blog, or an online class discussion space in Moodle or a similar tool.
  • Journalism Club/News Teams. Any writing related clubs or school news teams could meet with a similar club in another school. Students could share what activities their club is involved in, learn from the other club, and brainstorm new ideas together.
These are just a few possibilities. I'm sure you can think of more!


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