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Friday, August 05, 2005

BCISD VC Programs Database Update Aug. 5

Another week of work on the BCISD VC Programs Database...

This week we redesigned the site with a new look to match the new BCISD website (which isn't live quite yet)

Also, before there were two entrances to the database done by the BCISD: one from our distance learning page, and one from TWICE. This was due to scheduling procedures locally here in Berrien County, and a desire to share the site with a wider audience. Now we have just one look for both sites. This should make it easier to manage!

There's a few new cool features too. I added a "Find All Records" feature. As of this moment there are 1461 programs and 192 providers listed. I fully expect to hit 1500 programs this fall as we continue updating. There's also a new "pick a random program" feature that's pretty fun to just get a feel for what is in the database.

Updates to programming listed:
  • More work on NASA's programming. Due to needing to keep the contact information connected to the right provider, the programs are listed separately for NASA Glenn, NASA JSC and NASA Langley/LIVE. I'm sure we'll continue to tweak this to accurately represent the extensive programming provided by NASA. One thing I noticed when going through the NASA programming is the specific grade level target for their programs. So while the program may say "k12", they really have different online curriculum packets and activities for the various grade levels. This is wonderfully useful and helpful!
  • Added the programs from Global Leap.
  • Added The Ben Martinez Project. This provider doesn't currently have specific descriptions for programs, but they sound very flexible in tailoring their jazz music education programming.
  • Virent Broadcasting has a couple new presenters. No new descriptions for the people they represent quite yet. I'll post them when I get them.


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