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Friday, November 04, 2005

Interviewing Senator Levin

Today high school government students from Coloma High School, Decatur High School, and New Buffalo High School are interviewing Senator Levin. He has taken time from his very busy schedule to talk to our students, even though an important bill is on the floor. We certainly appreciate his willingness to talk to our students.

Today students asked questions about many topics, including Iraq, Michigan's economy and the loss of manufacturing jobs, Hurricane Katrina, taxes and the feasibility of a flat tax, the secretive nature of the current administration, the consolidation of agencies under the Department of Homeland Security, and other topics.

Students questions showed they had researched and considered current issues, they had visited Senator Levin's website and thought carefully about their questions. One of the classes had participated in the Exercise in Hard Choices videoconference on the federal budget, and you could tell from their questions that they were prepared!

It's been a great week - 17 videoconferences! I can tell that MEAP (our state testing) is over! Everyone is ready to connect somewhere!


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