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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Invasive Species in the U.S.

This morning we have 5 schools around the east coast connecting to a Lakeshore High School advanced freshman biology class, which is hosting an event on Invasive Species.

We have three classes from Michigan, presenting the Zebra Mussels, the Emerald Ash Borer, and Purple Loosestrife; as well as a class from North Carolina presenting the Myocaster Coypus, a class from New Jersey presenting the Asian Longhorn Beetles, and a class from Pennsylvania presenting the Northern Snakehead Fish.

The classes are using a variety of presentation methods including PowerPoint slides, photos on document cameras, charts & graphs, objects and other visuals. One class used the news show format using different areas of the classroom for interviews. Each presentation includes the following information:
  • Where the species came from.
  • How & when it was introduced.
  • What effect it is having on the ecosystem (i.e. the disruption it's causing).
  • Are there any natural controls on it?
  • How are we dealing with it, or are we letting nature take its course?
  • Ways to prevent new invasive species in your area.
After the presentations, Lakeshore High School students facilitated a discussion, rotating through the six schools and giving them a chance to ask questions.

This is the first multipoint project that I've been involved in planning that we taught the students to facilitate the multipoint. I'm pleased with the results and I hope to use this format for other high school level projects in the future.


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